Photo of Dan Searson, Director of Operations for Blue Light Hiking

Dan Searson

Director of Operations

Dan has spent the past thirty years exploring the outdoors.  During his twenty five year military career, he was deployed to the Balkans, East Africa and the Middle East; and as a Mountain Leader led expeditions around the world.  He was awarded several British Army Commendations during his service.

Dan has extensive experience in Event Management. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Response; and has been awarded certificates in Health and Safety and Medical Planning.  He thrives on working closely with our clients; ensuring they achieve their aims through a rigorous approach to planning and delivery.

Photo of Paul Johnson, Director of Well-being for Blue Light Hiking

Paul Johnson

Director of Well-being

Paul served in the Merchant Navy for 39 years. His career allowed him to travel the world and it was while in Japan that Paul was introduced to the practice of Shinrin-Yoku. The discipline is sometimes called “forest bathing” and strives to achieve and maintain mental health by being outdoors.

Paul has completed training as a Mental Health Counsellor and completed various courses associated with Mental Well-being and best practice. With that training, it makes perfect sense that Paul is the designer of our Mental Fitness Workshop, a popular module that hundreds of people have completed in the last few years.

Regional Directors

Photo of Ben McComb, Blue Light Hiking Regional Director for the North West of England.

Ben McComb - Central

Blue Light Hiking's Central region is managed by Ben. He served as an Army Officer in the Royal Artillery, a role which has seen him travel extensively. He a Mountain Leader and has significant knowledge in event management. Ben thrives on helping others to achieve their goals.

Photo of Paul Reeve, the Blue Light Hiking regional representative for the West Midlands

Paul Reeve - West Midlands

Blue Light Hiking's West Midlands region is managed by Paul. He served in the police for over 20 years, is a Mountain Leader and experienced event manager. Paul has personally led hikes and expeditions to the Blue Light Community across the UK, to Europe and Kilimanjaro.

Photo of Paul Steele, otherwise known as Bald Hiker who is Blue Light Hiking's regional representative for the North East

Paul Steele - North East

Blue Light Hiking's North East region is managed by Paul. Also known as the 'Baldhiker', Paul's travel blog is filled with walks and travel pieces from around the world. He is a real advocate on the benefits of the outdoors to your physical and mental well-being.