What is a Blue Light Hiking Membership?

Blue Light Hiking is dedicated to building a community of Blue Light workers all over the UK and help them reconnect with the outdoors. Sponsorship from generous businesses and organisations allows us to offer free Well-being walks across the country.

We also source offers and discounts across the British outdoor industry and give these to our members and subscribers, including exclusive offers from our partners.

Most importantly, by simply having a free Blue Light Hiking membership, you're helping us help and reach other Blue Light workers and veterans and give them the rewards they deserve, and the support they might need.

Free Well-being Walks

Join other members of the Blue Light community with access to free well-being walks in some of the most beautiful areas in the country. Reconnect with nature and make great new connections and memories.

Blue Light discounts and exclusive partner offers

Be kept up to date with best Blue Light discounts across the British outdoor industry including clothing, gear, travel and tech, as well as exclusive access to great offers from Blue Light Hiking partners and sponsors.

Help us grow the community

Just by signing up for our free membership helps us grow, get more sponsorship, partner offers and reach out to more Blue Light workers and veterans who will benefit from the work we provide.

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